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Phillip Anthony Driskell, II is an American SPOTH (Sophisticated Prophet of the Hood), businessman, and veteran of the military.   As a veteran,  he exhibited selflessness, strength, courage, and pride both domestically and abroad.  Since the precepts of the military are honorable and a source of pride to patriotic Americans, the birthing of SPOTH was inevitable.  Phillip parlayed his love for philanthropy and humanitarian missions into a movement.  We now know that movement as SPOTH.   




The mission of the Phelosophy EP 2018 Collaborative of Nashville, Tennessee is to create and present exceptional experiences that enrich the artistry of SPOTHs who make a positive impact on humanitarian work.   Our mission is to recognize hood arts and artistry and the value of humanitarian organizations in hood-like communities.  ++ Disclaimer:  Yes, our lyrics and artistic expressions can be misconstrued as profane.  Please note:  profanity is art, not sin.




The Great

Phillip Anthony Driskell ll, known professionally as Phelo the Great, is an American SPOTH, businessman, songwriter, and veteran of the military.

Yes, my lyrics are explicit.


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