Phelo the Great is Becoming the Internet's Most Loved Rapper   |   MY LIFE.   MY PHELOSOPHY.    

 AUTHOR /   Tiea Whitaker


For those unfamiliar with Phelo the Great, here’s some context: the self-ascribed rapper uses hard-core, heartfelt lyrics in his songs about hood life, entrepreneurship, true faith, and allegiance. After dropping out of Nashville State Community College, where he was double-majoring in accounting and computer engineering, he founded Power Team Entertainment and went on to record tracks with the likes of Freeway Rick Ross.




Artist and entrepreneur, Phelo The Great released his highly anticipated EP “Phelosophy" on February 2. Fans of Phelo were able to log onto social media and listen live as Phelo premiered his entire EP during his listening party.    [Facebook:  Phelo the Great]